Sweden's fourth largest city lies a short train journey north of Stockholm. Uppsala has been home to several pioneering space physicists in its academic history, most notably Anders Celsius and Olof Hjorter, who together conducted the first scientific investigations into magnetic disturbances associated with the appearance of aurora. Hannes Alfvén received his PhD in Uppsala and later taught at KTH.

Getting around

Uppsala is easy to navigate on foot, and a ~25 minute walk along the river (and up a short but steep hill) will bring you from the city center to the Ångström laboratory. Alternatively, an extensive network of regular city buses can be used for the same journey, and the registration fee includes the necessary travel cards. Driving is also possible, traffic is usually relatively light, but parking is generally expensive and can be difficult to find.


As a visitor, you can generally assume that anyone you meet in Uppsala will speak perfect English.